SGYC Schedule of Events for 2006

Clubhouse Event Water Event
Event Date Event Host Location
Event Hosts Brunch Sunday, January 15 Mike and Sharon Courtway & Board
Super Bowl Party Sunday, February 5 Cathy & Les Kelly
Bob & Joanne McCormick
New Member's Brunch Sunday, February 26 Jim & Lyn Senske
SGYC 30 Year
Saturday, March 11 Kim & Josef Davydovits
Opening Day Saturday, April 8 Mary Shebell & Merle McCormick
Avalon Cruise Friday - Sunday
May 5 - 7
Mike & Kaylyn DeHeus
Tuesday Cruzin' Every Tuesday Evening
June - September
Mike & Sharon Courtway
Night at the Races Saturday, June 24 Tom & Jean Worden
Electric Boat Event Saturday, July 22 Bea & David Swanson
Progressive Dinner Saturday, August 19 John & Margaret Humphreys
Newport Harbor
Balboa YC Raft Up
Saturday & Sunday
September 16 -17
Mike & Sheree Novak
Annual Meeting Wednesday, October 11 SGYC Board
Halloween Party Saturday, October 28 Conrad & Carolyn Platt
Gary & Arlene Dixon
Marsha Hendler
Commodore's Ball Saturday, November 18 Mike & Sharon Courtway
Boat Parade Entry November Entire Membership
SCYA Luncheon Saturday, December 2 SGYC Board
New Year's Eve Ball Sunday, December 31 Bob & Linda Axel
SGYC Board


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